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Why Community Radio is so important

Written by on 3 October 2019

In today’s digital age, content is increasingly on-demand. People can listen and watch whatever they want at any time making traditional radio – at times – feel irrelevant. However, radio is very much still alive! In fact, traditional radio has overcome many challenges over the last few years. People still tune into radio for both entertainment and information, whether through their computers, phones, or while in their cars. In this month’s newsletter, we look at the relevance of community radio, a radio format that still plays a vital role in today’s society, and is perhaps even more important than ever before.

Localised Information – Community radio stations play a pivotal role in relaying localised information including news, sports, and weather
forecasts that pertain to a single town, city or district.

Community Radio Stations Bring People Together – In addition to being easily accessible, community radio stations are interactive. Over time, communities have been built through community radio stations by people who share the same interests. 

Community Radio Stations for a Good Cause – Community radio stations are also playing an important role in spreading goodwill, sharing information, and improving local communities. 

Promoting Local Artists – Community radio stations play a critical role in providing local talent with exposure to their communities, who can then share their content and help to grow their popularity and follower engagement. 

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