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Corona Virus Covid-19-What it is really like shopping in Ware!

Written by on 21 March 2020

As many of us are aware, trying to shop in Ware has become a total nightmare! With the majority of the UK population affected by panic buying which has had a massive affect especially on those that are elderly, vulnerable and those with newborn and young babies/toddlers.

Baby milk and nappies wipes are scarce. I did hear that if you can,t find baby mik anywhere there is a phone number or website on the side of the packaging if you get in touch with them they can send babymilk direct to you, if this is true its definitely an amazing thing and will help those who are having problems finding it.

Its a massive shame that people can not source there basic needs, everyday essential items are now so hard to find, to many empty shelves, if poeple didnt panic buy in the first place then there would still be plenty of food for everyone, people should only be doing there normal weekly shop.

I was in Tesco in Ware the other day, an elderly lady looked so upset, she couldn’t find what she needed for her normal shopping, my heart just sank as there was nothing i could do to help her.

Its about time people stopped being selfish an have consideration for others, help others all we can, we are all in this together, we need to remember that, stan together as a community, not divided for our own selfish reasons.

I can honestly say that I dread trying to shop now as everytime I try, there is nothing there, just empty shelves, and with children to feed its become stressful, no one wants to here they kids say they are hungry and with having little food its a massive concern.

Seriously people really need to stop panic buying so much food, a normal shop is all we need to do, this will ensure that there is plenty of food for everyone. And we can all get through this.

Rhean Inker
East Herts Radio CIC

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