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Chauncy school plans to donate over 5000 visors those who need them

Written by on 11/05/2020

In the local area many schools have been doing their bit for the community one of these is Chauncy School in Ware. 

On the 1st Of May Chauncy delivered over 300 visors to Church Street Surgery and Riverside Place Care Home in Ware and WillowThorpe Care Home in Stanstead Abbotts, and some of these were delivered by Chauncy Schools very own Head teacher Dennis O’Sullivan.

Mr O’Sullivan delivered some of the Visors himself

Dennis O’Sullivan said “As a school we have done a fundraiser where we raised two and a half grand meaning that we are going to be able to make 5000 visors, what I am finding shocking is that schools and inderviduals are the ones that are having to provide these becasue thet are not there.

“We have had three members of staff that have been working on this every single day at the moment we have run out of raw materials but as soon as we get more we’ll be making a lot more.” 

3 members of staff making the visors

Aswell as providing visor for carers, Chauncy school have a lot of fun and interactive activities going on for students such as ‘cook of the week’ and virtual concerts with the music department. 

Last week Mr O’Sullivan made the decision to open chauncys library to students and parents when asked why he chose to do this Mr O’sullivan said “ Reading is the most important thing that you can do, it increases one’s vocabulary and one’s sentence structure. The ideas and the escapism is important as well at this sort of time. We are in week 7 of lockdown, people need to get out of themselves as they cant get out of the house.” 

You can look at all the brilliant work that Chauncy has been doing on their facebook page. You can donate to their fundraiser by emailing