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Is my lockdown snacking normal?

Written by on 11/05/2020

As the lockdown is extended, many of us seem to be getting a much closer relationship with the fridge. 

TikTok have been releasing recipes on how to make your own favourite fast food items at home, this include Mcdonalds cheese bites, McMuffins, Wagamamas Chicken Katsu Curry and many others but unfortunately these aren’t the healthiest of snacks for us to be eating. 

When Registered Nutritional Therapist Juliet Schaffer from Hertfordshire was asked her opinion on the ‘Tiktok’ snacks, she claimed to be ‘horrified’

 She said: “When people are giving out nutritional information, I really think that it needs to come from a solid source. When you have TikTok people, unless they are registered nutritional therapists, their advice is not based on sound nutrition.” 

“In the current climate it is challenging to stay healthy but we all need to support our immune systems. With any Viral infection it’s all about your immune system protecting you and defending you against a viral invader and it has been shown that those with strong immune systems are managing to cope with any virus in a much more effective manner.

So are we actually eating more?

The issue with snacking is that it becomes habitual. Due to the lockdown, there are many people who have been placed on furlough meaning they don’t have much to do throughout the day until their work place reopens. This means people find themselves snacking more.  

Ms Schaffer says that “we were not made to snack.” The reason that we are snacking is because our diets are lacking. 

“If you’re snacking out of hunger it means that your diet most likely doesn’t contain enough protein and fat to sustain your hunger levels to the next meal.” Ms Schaffer continued “This is a big ask for a lot of people  because snacking is often more psychological than actual hunger driven.” 

For many people, it is impossible for them to cut out their ‘snacking’ habits. 

“So with those people that feel that they do need to snack, I would always recommend healthy snacks and what I mean by that is not high carb snacks that we are used to. They don’t fill us up at all. They give us a quick surge of glucose that doesn’t fill us up for an hour and then after that we begin to feel hungry again.

“So instead of those I would very much recommend snacks that are based on the fats and protein that diets are lacking in, I recommend snacking on nuts, seeds, olives, avocado or coconut.” 

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