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Hertford shop owners say local council have ‘not supported them in any shape or form’

Written by on 28 June 2020

Some Hertford shop owners have claimed that the local council have not supported them with returning to work after the Corona Virus Pandemic.

Aswell as not feeling that they have support from the council, many shop owners were ‘upset’ about the fact that they were ‘not consulted’ about the social distancing measures that were put in place on Fore Street.

The owner of Honey Lane Antiques, a local shop in Hertford High Street has commented that ‘I don’t feel supported in any way shape or form. Nothing has changed, the council has never consulted me, ever, and I’ve been here for eight and a half years.

Owner – Honey Lane Antiques

“I have raised a lot of issues about things that really do need attention and I have never had a response.”

Nigel and Angie Iron, the owners of Irons Dry Cleaning business on Fore Street, have said that the social distancing measures put in place outside the shop have had an impact on the business due to people not being able to park outside.

Nigel said: “We have paid premium on or rent and our business rates to have parking right outside and it has been taken away.”

Angie added: “Its maddening to think that they are just going to barge ahead with the nightlife and then just say two fingers up to the day businesses.”

Councillor Jan Goodeve, Executive Member for Planning and Growth at East Herts Council, said: “Our shops and local businesses have had to face some particularly challenging circumstances over the last few months.

“The council has given out over £18m in reliefs and over £27m in grants to local businesses since restrictions were put in place.

“This has been welcome support during a time of crisis but to keep our high streets vibrant we will be encouraging residents to ‘shop local’ where possible in recognition that we all have a role to play in supporting local businesses. “

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