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Local Headteacher says that he will not chase children that stay off school.

Written by on 05/06/2020

Boris Jonson announced on the 24th of May that Secondary schools will be opening as of the 15th of June for year 10s and year 12s.

Dennis O’Sullivan, Head teacher of Chauncy School in Ware expressed his concern about this: “If it was up to me I wouldn’t open schools, I think that the great British public has behaved brilliantly. Virtually everybody has self isolated, social distanced and stayed home. 

Chauncy School in Ware 

“I’ve been to the funerals of teachers and I’ve been to four funerals of children, they are not nice. If I am in anyway the cause of that because I can’t stand up and make a decision that I think is right, I might as well pack it in. 

“So I’m not going to ask teachers with health issues to come in and I’m not going to chase children who stay off and I’m not going to moan at parents who keep their children off.”

Dennis O’Sulivan is not the only person to have expressed his concern about this. 

Pete Hill is a governor and a Health and safety officer for a primary school in Ware. “Being a health and safety professional, you have to balance out the risk factors. I fully appreciate everyones concerns with regards to children education but unfortunately difficult decisions have to be made and in my opinion when peoples lives are at risk that takes president.

“Thankfully, very few children have died in relation to Covid19 but their position in actually spreading it is where the scientific community are 50/50 down the middle.” 

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