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Hertford Town Council supports World Bee Day at its allotment sites

Written by on 20/05/2021

Hertford Town Council supported World Bee Day on the 20th May, at open days in the ‘bee gardens’ at Hertingfordbury and Cromwell Road allotments. Plot holders were given an opportunity to find out more about the beekeeping and the importance of bees to the environment.

Cllr Bob Deering, the Mayor of Hertford said ‘The Town Council is pleased on World Bee Day to support and raise awareness of the importance of bees. Bees and other pollinators are vastly more crucial than you might at first think because they pollinate crops which of course is vital for food supply. Bees play an essential role in our ecosystem and we need to look after them.”

Cllr John Lynch MBE, Chairman of Community Services Committee said ‘The Town Council have two beekeepers on our allotment sites and we work with them to encourage pollination of crops. Bee populations have been dramatically dwindling in the UK, and we all have a role to play in helping these important insects. We actively encourage allotment tenants to garden in way to support bees through reduced pesticide use’.

Dr Michael Cook, beekeeper at the Hertingfordbury allotments site, said ‘ I have been a beekeeper for 14 years and am keen to share knowledge with other plot holders who are interested in beekeeping. It is great news that the Town Council are supporting this event and hope that this inspires people to encourage bees into their own gardens.’

Matthew Francis-Mountford, beekeeper at the Cromwell Road allotments site, said ‘It is the perfect opportunity to celebrate these insects and to spread the word about the importance of bees. To help the bees and other pollinators when planting it is best to choose native plants in a variety of shapes and colours.