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Overgrown hedge on Charvilles roundabout in Ware is “not a danger to children crossing” says Herts Council!

Written by on 01/07/2021

Charvilles roundabout in Ware serves Watton Road, Baldock Street and Wadesmill Road.  On that roundabout is an overgrown hedge preventing pedestrians mostly children, wishing to cross, from being able to see motor vehicles leaving the roundabout and entering Baldock Street.  So after narrowly being hit by a car whilst I crossed, I thought it would be a good idea to report the overgrown hedge to Hertfordshire County Councils Maintenance Department.  I was already reporting a pelican crossing a few yards down the road as the button had stopped working so pedestrians have to wait for traffic to stop.  Glad to say that Hertfordshire County Councils Maintenance Department fixed this in no time.

But!  Alas!  Hertfordshire County Council did not prioritise the overgrown hedge and it has not been trimmed at this time.  Nor is it likely to be either!  We have been unable to speak to any Hertfordshire County Councils Maintenance Department representatives as they have been unavailable.

This hedge is clearly overgrown and effects both pedestrians and motorists as they are unable to see each other with the hedge as it is.  It is unknown when this hedge will be trimmed but let’s pray that no one is hurt whilst Hertfordshire County Council makes up its mind.

While taking pictures of the location today, I was surprised to note the number of pedestrians and residents complaining to me about the hedge and not seeing the cars approaching as they attempted to cross.

Overgrown hedges can be reported vis Hertfordshire County Councils website