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Bernie Keyte

Hi, I’m new to radio and when it comes to technology. I’m normally a complete disaster area! I caused complete chaos to a busy office telephone switchboard, when they asked me to cover the post for a team meeting.

But I’m a people person and love chatting with people. When I was at school, I did a lot of voluntary work with the elderly and people with disabilities. After a long career in the Probation Service, I went back to working with the elderly and people with disabilities.

In my Out and About in the local Community Show, I love chatting with local people and playing music and songs that are important to them. It’s lovely to meet people that do great work in the local community, particularly people who do caring and charitable work.

You will hear me chat with local singers and musicians and play their numbers with pleasure. I chat with up and coming, local actors, writers and artists, and give them plenty of praise and encouragement.

I chat with local children and get them to tell jokes and sing songs. Indeed, I love chatting with everybody and most particularly if people have a sense of humour. Do contact me by email, if you would like to take part in my show.

World Music Show. My world music programme contains wonderful music from all around the World, not normally played on UK airwaves. Have a listen to fabulous stuff you have never heard before!

I love diversity of cultures. I’m both British and French and grew up in both countries, and my Dad worked in many countries around the world. My wife is a Ugandan Asian refugee from Idi Amin and our son is of mixed ethnicity. I do voluntary work with a refugee charity.

I love meeting people from around the world and learning from them about their culture and listening to their music. Many music selections on my World Music show come from suggestions made by regular listeners.

Do contact me by email if you have any suggestions or would like to take part in my show.