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Dennis O’Sullivan / Presenter

Dennis O’Sullivan

Background : Proudly London Irish, father of two inspirational daughters and grandad of two likewise sensational girls. Reasonably good teacher, Headteacher of the amazing Chauncy School staff, poor musician but leader of the talented Merry Men, below average cricketer but captain of the Kerry O’Sullivan Cricket Circus. Author of three English Language books, editor of Southampton University’s “Wessex News”, Avery Hill College’s “Organ” 70 blogs and various articles. Sometimes controversial.

Influences : An awful selective grammar school, 3 years as a milkman and one day delivering blue paraffin, being a west end barman when the Scottish and then Man Utd supporters descended, anti- Irish 1970s, the hopes and dreams as a Spurs supporter, the joy of teaching.

Music : Rock but not metal; Irish and English Folk music; Cool, Jazz and the ECM label but not the experimental stuff, Drone and Ambient., some soul, little Classical, very little Rap and Hip Hop.