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David Sibald

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David has kindled an interest in country music relatively recently, but has acquired plenty of tracks and information both about older, familiar country songs and of more recent numbers in this genre. You can hear his Country Classics on Sundays between 11am and 1pm, which includes his 3-in-a-row line dance, a Patsy Cline slot and an Irish guest in each of the two hours. And not a yee-haw in sight.

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Country Classics crew

David has long been interested in the world of oldies music and this is reflected in his shows on British and American entertainment of the 1950s (The Nostalgia Club on Tuesdays from 3 till 4) and The 60s & 70s Show (Saturday afternoons from 2 till 4), but he is always pleased to play tracks from ALL the decades on his Saturday Show (10am - 12 noon), sprinkled with comedy inserts. And David's Country Classics hopes to introduce listeners new to country music - not all yee-haw, but with well-established songs plus some modern tracks in his show on Sundays from 11am till 1pm.