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Tackling Local Issues

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Each week, Josh Dean and his guest co-host will examine some of the pressing issues occurring in East Herts

Talking with Josh Dean (Overview)

Each week, Josh Dean and his guest co-host will examine some of the pressing issues occurring in East Herts. Phone lines will be open, giving local people the opportunity to call in and share their thoughts on the issues being discussed and raise others that they believe need to be talked about.

We’ll also be able to hear Josh and his co-host talk about the music that they love, and give listeners an opportunity to get to know them, how they know each other and why they care about East Herts.

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Talking with Josh Dean team

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Talking with Josh Dean crew

Josh was born in Hertford and has grown up in East Herts. Active in the community, Josh writes a column every other week in the Hertfordshire Mercury, covering issues important to local people. In 2017, he co-founded Teen Voice UK, a non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering young people and making their voices heard. The organisation has campaigned on issues important to young people, including mental health awareness, reforming educational policy and youth homelessness. At East Herts Radio, Josh wants to use his show to talk a bit about the issues that are affecting local people, and to speak about the many interesting things happening across East Herts. He wants to make sure that members of the local community have plenty of opportunities to chat with him on the show, whether that’s in the studio or through our phone lines. He also wants to share the music he loves, and discuss different tracks with co-presenters and listeners alike. And, most importantly, he wants to know what our listeners want to hear - whether that’s a topic they want to be discussed or a song they want to be played.

Hi! I’m Joe Engledew, a little about me is that I’m media and arts orientated, particularly my interests lie in film, music, photography, comedy and discussing these topics on radio.

Mickey Gocool is North London born and bred and now lives in Ware with his two children. Mickey is the Managing Director of East Herts Radio but sees his role as not just administrative, but very hands-on, with training Presenters and Staff, maintaining the sophisticated automated playout system as well as ensuring the studio hardware is optimally functioning.