The 80s & 90s Music Show

With Mickey Gocool and Alex Emmerson

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Friday 9:00 pm 10:00 pm

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Join Mickey Gocool and Alex Emmerson as they venture back into the 80s & 90s live tonight at 9:00 pm

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The 80s & 90s Music Show crew

Alex has lived in Ware all his life and has a very active role within the local community. Finishing his further education in 2018, Alex now works full time in a variety of primary schools coaching sports to children aged 4-11.

Mickey Gocool is North London born and bred and now lives in Ware with his two children. Mickey is the Managing Director of East Herts Radio but sees his role as not just administrative, but very hands-on, with training Presenters and Staff, maintaining the sophisticated automated playout system as well as ensuring the studio hardware is optimally functioning.

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