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Ginger and Nuts
Ginger and Nuts: the best radio show that serves up a boogie and giggle fest during your lunch break every Friday at noon. Get swept away by their infectious banter, feel-good tunes, and a dash of delightful chaos that will turn the sourest frown upside down.

Join Ginger and Nuts for a lip-smacking lunchtime delight every Friday at 12 pm (BST). And if you’re up for a magical night, tune in to Late Night Live every Saturday at 10 pm (BST). You’ll be left craving more! Tune In and Listen to Ginger and Nuts.

Move over, Avengers! Because Ginger and Nuts have a resume that could rival any superheroes! These legends have collaborated with Disney on Ice, Shark and Ninja, and they’ve even interviewed icons like Britt Ekland and Gloria Gaynor!But here’s the cherry-popping punchline: Ginger and Nuts serve up their award-winning goodness straight from their cosy home.

Darren, the dynamo behind Nuts, has been rocking the radio industry for a mind-blowing 30 years! This guy knows his stuff, from presenting with Alan Titchmarsh on BBC TV to supporting Michael Barrymore on ITV’s Life Stories with Piers Morgan. Despite battling anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, arthritis, degenerative spine disease, and a painful spinal cyst, he still manages to tickle your funny bone like a true champ!

And let’s not forget about Kat, the amazing Ginger! She’s faced the ups and downs of life with seven miscarriages, but she keeps shining bright, adding that extra sparkle and infectious laugh to their show. Together, they captivate audiences with their wit, charm, and an overdose of pure joy!