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Three vehicles seized from uninsured drivers and motorist caught doing 48mph in 30mph zone during police traffic operation in Sawbridgeworth
06/02/2024 18:50 in Sawbridgeworth News

A police traffic operation in Sawbridgeworth saw three vehicles seized as the drivers were uninsured.

The operation, held by the town’s Safer Neighbourhood Team on the main A1184 in December, consisted of speed monitoring and mobile ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) checking, with assistance from the county’s roads policing unit.

A report to the town council’s meeting last Monday (Jan 29) heard a driver was stopped for speeding at 48mph in a 30mph limit and one vehicle was found to be prohibited.

Other matters dealt with were a driver with no licence or MoT, another with no MoT, a suspected stolen vehicle, a negative breath test and two people searched under Section 1 PACE, which allows an officer to stop and search any person or vehicle for stolen or prohibited articles, firearms or other offences.


Councillors heard PCSO Fallon Collins continues to conduct regular speeding checks around the town and reports most drivers are adhering to the limits.

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