Local Community Walks with Scott Walker Coaching
11/06/2024 07:52 in Community

On Saturday 8th June, Suzanne Birmingham from East Herts Radio was invited to go for a walk with Scott and his followers around the countryside in Bishop Stortford.

Scott arranges these walks twice a week to help the people in the community navigate the world of fitness and nutrition.

The idea is to bring people together in a social enviroment, where they can meet like minded people, enjoy a nice walk and chat to Scott along the way about fitness, techniques, nutrition or just enjoy a chit chat with fellow walkers.

Everyone is welcome, men, women and children - it was great to chat to the walkers and find out why they are there and what they are getting out of the walk.  For some it was a social activity, some enjoy walking but don't know like minded people, for mental health reasons and for others it was the fitness element.

Scott arranges two walks a week, one Wednesday evening, one Saturday morning but is looking to cover more areas and more walks due to the response he has had already.  Check out his FB page or instragram for more details.

Special thanks also to Nick Hyde, President and Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce for attending and supporting Scott and his walkers.

If you are involved in an activity or event for the community and would like East Herts Radio to also get involved then please contact :
Suzanne Birmingham at Manager@easthertsradio.co.uk