Ed Tattersall - Rescue Me (acoustic) - Lyric Video
Playing live is when I feel most ‘me’. That and the need to move away from chasing perfection, overproducing and ending up with a great song that quite frankly I couldn’t reproduce on stage all kick-started a different journey and I started writing again from a different place. The first attempt at this EP was a ride - 4 mates, all amazing musical talents holed up in a studio in the Essex countryside banging out 4 songs over 2 days. Full drums, electric guitars..the lot. Having them do their magic and letting rip on my music opened up a whole new experience of sound for me and it felt so good jamming with a band after years of quiet isolation in my home studio. Post production “Some Might Say” was done and in the bag - it has a sort of Ben Howard epic-ness a delicateness ending in an intense ear fuck.. the others, not quite right. I’d started falling down that ‘unreproducible live’ rabbit hole again - I loved what we did but how the hell can you afford dope musicians unless you’re selling out 500cap venues? So, acoustic it would be.. working with Jake (the one-take wonder) Priestley in my home studio, a couple of jack leads and a condenser mic we took 3 other songs and found their mojo. Finally, I have something that feels like me, stripped back but with loads of places to go, my voice front and centre. Each one with their own story so personal to me… I’ve remembered why I love music.
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