Home Turf Advantage: Fans Ditch Pubs for Comfort
11/06/2024 16:06 in Community

The rowdy and often disruptive behaviour of fellow pub-goers has driven 88% of Hertfordshire fans to avoid pubs altogether for the comfort of home.


·       72% of Hertfordshire football fans prefer watching games at home, while only 21% plan to go to pubs this summer.

·       88% of Hertfordshire pub-going fans avoid pubs due to bad behaviour, including non-stop rubbish talk (41%) and aggressive actions (33%).

·       The Quiet Lion pub experience was trialled to offer a distraction-free environment, featuring Headphone Mode for uninterrupted game audio.

·       84% of fans would return to pubs if the environment improved, with suggestions like more bar staff and designated quiet zones.

·       Chris Sutton is here to shed light on the Euros and how we can get the most out of them.


As we gear up for an epic summer of sport, a surprising trend is emerging: most football fans are choosing to watch games from the comfort of their sofas instead of braving the often-rowdy pub experience.


A new study and trial by Roku revealed that 72% of fans plan to catch the action at home this summer, a stark contrast to the mere 21% who will head to the pubs. Even among the die-hard pub-goers, only 53% are sticking with their usual game-watching spots. The culprit? Fellow fans' exasperating antics.


88% of pub-going fans have avoided pubs because of bad behaviour. This includes 41% of fans who are fed up with others talking non-stop rubbish and 33% who have faced aggressive behaviour. Additionally, 24% have been caught in pint-throwing chaos, with one poor soul even witnessing a man streaking through the bar wearing nothing but a flag.


The preference for home viewing is consistent across regions. In the East of England, 74% of fans plan to watch at home, while in Greater London, the figure is 58%. North East England and North West England see 65% and 63% of fans staying home, respectively. In Scotland, South East England, South West England, and Wales, the number is a solid 72%. The West Midlands sees 66% of fans watching from home, and Yorkshire and the Humber matches this with 72%. This regional breakdown shows a widespread trend:



Enter The Quiet Lion, which was a new pub concept, designed to tackle fan frustrations. In collaboration with Roku and pundit Chris Sutton, the trial took place at The Porter and Sorter in London. The Quiet Lion offered all the social benefits of watching in a pub, minus the distractions. Thanks to Headphone Mode, fans get an uninterrupted audio stream of the game. This setup aims to balance the camaraderie of a pub with a focused viewing environment.


The research also found that 84% of fans would return to pubs if the environment improved. Fans suggest more bar staff to cut down on queues (38%), sit-down-only areas (30%), no more pint throwing (26%), and designated quiet zones (19%). These changes could make the pub experience as enjoyable as watching at home, without the rowdiness that currently deters them.


Move over silent discos, could this be the future of sociable yet sports viewing and change how fans watch their sport, making pubs a more enjoyable place for everyone?